According to IHS research, these key functions are projected to grow at a 19 percent compounded annual growth rate, from $16 billion in 2020 to $38 billion by 2025, substantially outpacing the broader global automotive semiconductor market during the same period. Sonosense™ (iND83207) and Echosense™ (iND83208) are high performance, ultrasonic automotive parking-assist solutions. Both incorporate a powerful 32-bit ARM® M0 core with 64kB of FLASH and 16kB of SRAM. A low-noise receiver is combined with proprietary DSP hardware to detect object echoes. Object identification algorithms are implemented in the ARM® M0 core, reducing the hardware requirements of the devices and substantially lowering overall system cost. Both devices include an integrated power management unit (PMU) directly connected to the car battery, from which all the supplies required by the device are generated. Connectivity is provided through fully-integrated LIN interfaces. The Echosense™ ultrasound transducer is driven by a high-voltage full-bridge driver enabling a transformer-less solution. Sonosense™ integrates two regulated current sources for driving the primary side of a center-tapped transformer, with the secondary side powering an ultrasonic transducer. For more information about these devices and other indie solutions, please contact info@indiesemi.com . indie is empowering the Autotech revolution with next generation automotive semiconductors and software platforms. We focus on edge sensors for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems including LiDAR, connected car, user experience and electrification applications. These technologies represent the core underpinnings of both electric and autonomous vehicles, while the advanced user interfaces transform the in-cabin experience to mirror and seamlessly connect to the mobile platforms we rely on every day. We are an approved vendor to Tier 1 partners and our solutions can be found in marquee automotive OEMs around the world. Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, indie has design centers and sales offices in Austin, TX; Boston, MA; Detroit, MI; San Francisco and San Jose, CA; Budapest, Hungary; Dresden, Germany; Edinburgh, Scotland and various locations throughout China. Please visit us at www.indiesemi.com to learn more. In December 2020, indie announced it entered into a definitive agreement to merge with Thunder Bridge Acquisition II, Ltd. (Nasdaq: THBR), a special purpose acquisition company. The transaction is expected to close in early Spring 2021, subject to regulatory and stockholder approvals, and other customary closing conditions. The combined company will retain the indie Semiconductor name and be listed on Nasdaq under the new ticker symbol “INDI.” About Thunder Bridge Acquisition II, Ltd. Thunder Bridge Acquisition II, Ltd.


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Draft Resolutions suggested by the Board of AB “Linas” for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to be held on 30 April 2021: 1. Audit conclusion regarding the consolidated and Company’s Annual Financial Accountability and Annual Report of year 2020. Project of resolution: to pay attention to the auditor’s conclusions confirming AB “Linas” consolidated and Company’s financial accountability of year 2020 and to agree to the consolidated annual report of the company of year 2020. 2. Confirmation of consolidated and company’s annual financial accountability of year 2020 and presentation of consolidated annual report. Project of resolution: to confirm AB “Linas” consolidated and company’s annual financial statements for the year 2020 and to agree to consolidated annual report for the year 2020. 3. Company’s profit (loss) allocation of year 2020. Project of resolution: to confirm AB “Linas” profit (loss) allocation: 1) retained profit of the previous financial year at the end of the accounting year – 712,912  EUR; 2) net profit of the accounting year  784,498  EUR; 3) profit (loss) of the accounting financial year unrecognized in the statement of comprehensive income - 0 EUR; 4) transfers from mandatory reserve  0 EUR; 5) transfers from reserve for business projects 0 EUR; 6) transfers from reserve for the support 0 EUR; 7) transfers from profit for dividend paying  0 EUR; 8) shareholders contributions to cover company’s loses 0 EUR; 9) allocated loss totally 1,497,410  EUR; 10) share of profit set for the mandatory reserve 39,225 EUR; 11) share of profit set for the reserve for purchase of own shares  0 EUR; 12) share of profit set to other reserves 0 EUR; 13) share of profit set for dividend paying  0 EUR; 14) share of profit set for annual allowances (bonuses) for the members of the board, for the employees premiums and other purposes 0 EUR; 15) retained loss at the end of the financial year transferred to the next financial year 1,458,185  EUR. 4. Approval of the Company's remuneration report for 2020 Project of resolution: Approve Company's remuneration report for 2020. 5.  Election of members to the Supervisory Board For the subsequent 4 year term of office at the Supervisory Board the following persons shall be re-elected: Arūnas Ketrys deputy director of UAB „Alba“ (independent member), Virginijus Kundrotas director of UAB „Integralios lyderystės iniciatyvos“ and Head of Baltic Management Development Association  (independent member) ir Darius Kazlauskas commercial director of UAB „Parnidis“ (independent member) 6. Approval of the new version of the Regulations of the Audit Committee. Project of resolution: Approve new version of the Regulations of the Audit Committee. more helpful hints 7. Cancellation of Company’s members of the Audit Committee. Project of resolution: Cancel Company’s all members of the Audit Committee 8. Approval of the Company's remuneration report for 2020 Project of resolution: For the subsequent 4 year term of office at the Audit Committee the following persons shall be elected: Ana Sirienė certified Internal Auditor and MB ELSAN owner (independent member), Lina Belickienė Senior accountant of Panevežio miesto greitosios medicinos pagalbos stotis UAB (independent member) and Lina Liesytė Senior accountant of Company.